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Ski season 15/16 is a wrap!

Ski season 15/16 is a wrap!

Ski News, 24 April 2016

That’s a wrap, folks! What a great ski season 15/16 was, with record snow amounts in B.C.

Word must be getting out as we’re already filling up seats for 2016/17. Actually some of our partners are already more than half full . Send us a mail or call us to check availability, we are here all summer to help you plan your dream ski vacation,


As the ski season is at an end is time to store away your ski / snowboard gear so they are in good shape for next season. Here is a little guide on the do’s and don’t on how to store them.

Skis / Snowboard

  1. Get the base clean – a garden hose and towel will take care of the salt, dirt, grime. Let it dry.
  2. Sharpen the edges to avoid the chances of rust.
  3. Fix all the equipment issues while they’re still fresh in your mind. Fine tune your gear.
  4. Wax on (but not off!) Make sure your ski/board is dry or the wax will lock the moisture in. Wax the bases – you’ll want to hot wax the bases with an all-temperature or a softer warm-weather wax to protect them from oxidation. Be generous with the wax and be sure to cover the edges, which will help keep rust away. Leave the wax on as it is – do not scrape it off!
  5. Strap the skis together, base-to-base, and place them away from sunlight, extreme temperatures drops and humid areas. A neutral position with no pressure on either camber or rocker is best. Do not strap your poles with the skis.
  6. Do not relax binding springs.
  7. Come winter, scrape the wax and off you go!


Clean them as well as the boot bag. Pull the liners out and make sure everything is completely dry, then do up all the buckles as if it’s on your foot for the whole summer. Check the heels and toes of your boots for wear while you’re at it, and replace if necessary. This is a great time to inspect your snowboard boot laces and replace them if they’re worn, too. Crumble some newspaper into the boots and store them in a cool, dry place.

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