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Missing winter – enjoy Tamashii trailer

Missing winter – enjoy Tamashii trailer

(28 June 2015)

Missing winter – enjoy  Tamashii trailer from Hemlock Creative . It will help ease your powder abstinence.

Last winter a group of friends, skiers Karl Fostvedt, Andy Mahre and Anna Segal joined filmmakers Ross Reid and Jasper Newton embarked on a journey to Japan in search of powder snow and good times – a quest to find and experience the ever-fabled “moment”. The six-week excursion to Japan with the goal of “rediscovering connections lost in our modern world.

Basically, the crew took a step back from the hyper-connectivity of the modern world and went off the “digital grid,” ditching their personal electronic devices for the duration of the trip and arming themselves only with the cameras that would be used to document their excursion.

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at the journey, presented by the skiers involved. The  full-length release will come this fall.



Missing winter - enjoy  Tamashii trailer - with GO Heli & Cat Skiing






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