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The Balance Movie – film trailer

The Balance Movie – film trailer

(15 May 2015)

This trailer to The Balance Movie looks so hot not just because the snow part is shot primarily at our partner Eagle Pass Helis Ski. But we at GO Heli & Cat Skiing are also stoked about the story line where they seem to try to dig into the spirit and culture of freeriding in Skate, Snow and Surf, we follow a number of people who’s lives revolve around catching that perfect line accompanied by beautiful photage.

The Balance Movie trailer

This is an early trailer full film The Balance Movie will be out in fall 2015.


Eagle Pass Heli Ski Quick Facts

Location: Eagle Pass Heli Ski Echo Bay Lodge is a private gated estate on 10 acres overlooking the Columbia River Valley, just 12 km south of Revelstoke, British Colombia. Closest airport is Kelowna, British Columbia, a short 2.5 hours away.

Ski Area: 1570 square kilometers of skiable terrain.

Mountain Ranges: the Monashee Mountains

Grouping: Small Group Heli-skiing, using a B2 A-Star helicopter, in 3 groups of 4 skiers.

Vertical Skied: Unlimited Vertical. You can’t ask for more!

Runs:  More than 240 Named Runs.

Potential runs yet to be named: More than 2000.

Longest Run: 1800 meters, Longer than Whistler top to bottom!

Highest Peak in the tenure: Hallam Peak 3,205 meters.

Average Snowfall: 12-18 meters, with an average snow base of 9-14 meters throughout the winter.

 The Balance Movie - Trailer - with GO Heli & Cat Skiing




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