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Haines Alaska Freeride World Tour Highlights

Haines Alaska Freeride World Tour Highlights

 (25 March 2015)

Haines Alaska Freeride World Tour Highlights. Check out the highlights  of some incredible skiing from the FWT lastest leg in Haines, AK. If you want to ride AK, just click here to make a booking.


Ski Highlights Haines, AK kopia



Forget placing slalom poles down the mountain. Forget building artificial jumps and hips and halfpipes and tabletops. Forget grooming the slopes even. Freeride contests are 100% natural, 100% clean. Indeed, the event is all about celebrating the god-given terrain features found on any mountainside in the most exciting and elemental format possible. There‘s a start gate at the summit and a finish gate at the bottom. That’s it. Best run down wins.   

It truly is that simple. Think big-wave surfing. Think skiers and snowboarders choosing impossible-looking lines through cornices and cliff-faces and nasty couloirs. Think progressive: big jumps, mach-speed turns and full-on attack. Think entertaining. After all, it’s not just surfers who ride barrels…   

So how do you judge a freeride contest? After all it can’t be easy – can it? It’s not easy, for sure, but over the years the judging system has been honed to the point where most freeride athletes are entirely comfortable with the format. A Judges’ Manual has been written by the event organizers and the Pro Freerider’s Board, and it’s all about overall impression. As the FWT Judges’ Manual states: “A judge has to ask himself at all times how fast, how big and how much in control a rider is compared to how steep, how exposed and in what snow conditions the action is happening.” In other words, the key to good judging is keeping the big picture in mind from the time the rider leaves the start gate to the time s/he crosses the finish line.


Haines Alaska Freeride World Tour Highlights - with GO Heli & Cat Skiing




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