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Top five reasons to choose Japan – Hokkaido road trip

    Japanese Powder is the #1 reason to go. The snow is like nowhere else and with few skiers to fight over it.
  • The culture
    The food, the drink, the scenery!
  • The Onsen
    Japanese hot springs bathhouses. No other way to warm up after a day skiing
  • The tree skiing
    Ski among the snow monsters. The short spiny larch trees gather snow on its trunks and branches making them look like monsters in the snow as they stand tall with branches looking like arms trying to grab you as you ski by.
  • Again... JAPOW
    Due to its location the snow is not like anywhere else in the world. This needs to be experienced at least once in a lifetime for the true powder hound.

Skiing in Hokkaido - what you need to know

Following requests from old guests that know that we’ve spent the past couple of years exploring Japan, we’re now offering guided skiing road trips on Hokkaido, Japan to experience true JAPOW!

These road trips are tailor-made to you and your group! We’ll select some of the many ski resorts where we focus on available off-piste in the resort area, also called slack country skiing. We are flexible, but normally a trip is 7-9 days with 6-8 ski days. That allows us to make 3 to 4 stops to experience a mix of what Hokkaido and Japan offers.

With the normal group being four persons, we can do anything from 2-6 people.

You and your group will be picked up in Sapporo where we normally head straight to our first stop to maximize skiing time

Experiencing Japan

Besides skiing we will experience some of the best  Japan has to offer.

We’ll take you to famous Japanese onsens (hot spring bath houses), we’ll visit quirky and amazing Japanese restaurants and bars we have found over the years or we will explore new ones together.

We normally stay in smaller family run B&B’s that are listed as 2-3 star as this gives more to the Japanese experience.


The season is fairly short to get the famous powder. Peak season is January. February can still be amazing, but is more uncertain as warmer winds can roll in. 


Besides one or two resorts that are renting decent skis and equipment, it is very limited.

So be prepared to bring with you all you need, especially your safety gear that you are familiar with.


Please contact us to discuss how you like to set it up and will calculate the price and give you an offer tailored just for you and your group.