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SEABA Heliski Sweet lines in the extreme Alaska mountains!

SEABA Heliski Sweet lines in the extreme Alaska mountains!

Ski News, 16 June 2019

Book your 2020 dream heliski vacation with SEABA Heliski. Sweet lines in the extreme Alaska mountains!

Just contact us to book your own seat!

This is SEABA Heliski, in Haines Alaska

  • Best location to hit Alaska powder!
    Accessing a 60 km corridor from three strategically spaced heliports, each with distinct weather influences and terrain options, to make sure you have the best opportunity to crush powder.
  • Few down days
    The tree line in Haines, up to 1200 meters, is higher than any other Alaskan heli-skiing destination, so while others are sitting on their thumbs in the lodge wondering when the weather will clear, you’re ripping epic tree lines all day long.
  • Extreme, and friendly
    For those that dare, you will find some of the most extreme terrain in the world with descents up to 2000 meters. For the sweet run connoisseur, the long sweeping intermediate runs will satisfy the desires.
  • Ultra-Cool options
    With SEABA you can try sled-skiing and plane-skiing as alternatives to Heli-skiing.
  • High caliber staff
    The high caliber guide staff that safely guides clients in some of the most technical, steep, and variable terrain in the world, but the majority of our terrain is filled with the perfect 35-45 degree slopes with high quality AK “Blower” powder.

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