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Drop Everything – trailer time

Drop Everything – trailer time

Ski News, 24 August 2017

The guys from MPS that brought you award-winning classics like CLAIM, THE WAY I SEE IT, and DAYS OF MY YOUTH has done it again, dropped an awesome snow porn movie, DROP EVERYthING, that will certainly get you stoked for the upcoming season.

This year MPS  took a decidedly more lighthearted approach that returns the focus to the featured athletes and world-class action. DROP EVERYTHING features the world’s preeminent freeskiers along with quick-hitting comedy, stunning locations, a potent soundtrack, and stellar cinematography. In DROP EVERYTHING we ride along with Mark Abma, Markus Eder, Eric Hjorleifson, Michelle Parker, Sammy Carlson, Cody Townsend, Elyse Saugstad, Tanner Rainville, Chris Rubens, Aaron Blunck, Sander Hadley, Connery Lundin, and more!

If you after seeing this feel that you got to get me some of that POW don’t hesitate to contact us at GO Heli & Cat Skiing Scandinavias premier and official agent to some of the best heli and cat ski lodges in N.America.




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