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Lite Year in the finest BC backcountry

Lite Year in the finest BC backcountry

Ski News, 7 August 2017

Lite Year in the finest BC backcountry. This is why many of us keep going back to BC every year!

Making fresh track in the BC backcountry is simply awesome. Heli-skiing in the Selkirk Range, cat-skiing in the Monashee Mountains and brapping snowmobiles these athletes jump, stomp and carve their way through all kinds of natural terrain. “Lite Years” released from The Big Picture showcases some of the finest backcountry freestyle skiing you’ll ever see.

Shot and edited by the talented Sean Logan, the feature film follows skiers Chris Logan, Parker White, (Parker White’s mullet), Duncan Adams, Mike King and Tanner Rainville, in- and out-of-bounds across Washington and British Columbia. The film is set to release this October.




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