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A skier knows

A skier knows

(Ski News, 31 October 2015)

A skier knows! – Spirit of Alaska

Check out this flick from Peak Performance. It’s capturing the feeling that every skier all over the world gets. It comes from within, it’s pushing you forward to experience the best, most amazing runs. The feeling of waiting out a snowstorm – knowing that fresh powder awaits you. The urge to leave the ski lifts and hike up the mountains where no one else venture. Hitting that silky fresh powder and savoring every second of the experience. Just to have the same urge to climb up again.

Peak Performance has released “Spirit of Alaska”, the first Episode in the film series A Skier Knows. Henrik Windstedt and Matilda Rapaport takes on the mighty mountain faces of Alaska. It will take you on a journey deep into the mind of a free skier. “Alaska is a mental game with few comparable situations. You sit down for days and just look at the mountains and when the weather clears, you know you have to perform on your highest level and be super aware of your own but also the mountain limits. They seem to be a little more extreme up there.” Henrik Windstedt

Want to ge the spirit of Alaska?

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