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The best powder skis of 2016

The best powder skis of 2016

(Ski News 21 September, 2016)

The best powder skis of 2016

For most skiers, powder days are few and far between. However, the elusive, epic deep day is the one that sticks with us until we grow old. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the tools that’ll enhance your next pow-filled experience. These skis ranked above all others at Freeskier ’s annual mega test they’re also featured in thier excellent Buyer’s Guide!

115+ mm – waisted freeride skies
You might enjoy these skis if… You’re always daydreaming of Alaska. You prefer your skiing nipple deep and crazy steep. Massive pow fields are your canvas—these skis are your paintbrush. Your masterpiece might just be two, parallel straight lines from top to bottom. Fall line face shots are your aphrodisiac. Cliff drops also get you hot and bothered. Your nickname might be “Freight Train.” Think Seth Morrison or Todd Ligare.

Rank # 1 Rossignol Super 7


The Rossignol Super 7 Skis do it all. “Carves on groomers, stable at speed, schmears, rocks in the pow… it handled all conditions I encountered on an epic Ajax T2B,” said one tester about the Super 7. Tip and tail rocker provides serious float in the deep stuff. Its Air Tip technology — an ABS resin, honeycomb-shaped skeleton — makes for a super-lightweight package. A paulownia core ups the playfulness factor, and a bit of camber ensures you’ll be in full control when you’re railing. “They like to charge and the softness makes them very playful. No chatter at speed.” This is a versatile, forgiving package for the everyday ripper.

Dimensions: Tip: 140, Foot: 116 Tail: 121


Rank # 2 Völkl Shiro


Pow. Steeps. Crud. Pillows. Hardpack. More pow. The Völkl Shiro Skis were a popular choice among our testers who constantly yearn for big thrills. Its 119 mm footprint provides bangin’ fl oat, and full rocker ensures fantastic maneuverability. A fl atter tail provides added control for when the going gets fast. “It’s an absolute weapon in powder,” exclaimed one tester. Others noted it’s responsive, snappy and holds up well on the firm stuff. One said, “these bit into groomers very smoothly and carved hard.” A third felt the Shiro “carved like a demon, but really came alive in the deep.”

Dimensions: Tip: 151, Foot: 119, Tail: 121


Rank # 3 Folsom Rapture


The Folsom Rapture Skis are a highly sought-after pow slaying offering from Folsom. While its classic rocker-camber-rocker profi le earned praise in years past, the 2015-16 edition features full reverse camber—ideal for schmearing. As such, its fl oat score is top-notch and so too are its marks in the playfulness department. Tester comments highlight its lively nature and versatile character. “[This ski] can make quick turns through tight trees with ease,” said one tester. “Holds up strongly in all conditions,” explained another. “Lightweight for the air, burly enough for the steeps,” admired a third.

Dimensions: Tip: 148, Foot: 122, Tail: 138


Rank #4 Scott Sport Scrapper


The Scott Sports Scrapper Skis are the go-to for Dane Tudor. You might not be tossing switch triples in the backcountry like he does, but this ski will certainly elevate your skiing. “Wicked fun, great shape,” said one tester, referencing its 3Dimension Sidecut. This results in a 19-meter turn radius in the tip, 17 meters in the tail and a 600-mm central flat line underfoot (at 180 centimeters). You’ll find this ski to be on the stiffer side, catering to those who have a knack for ripping high-speed turns. “Consistent ski for aggressive skiers of all types,” said another tester.

Dimensions: Tip: 147, Foot: 122, Tail: 138


Rank # 5 DPS Wailer 112RPC Pure3


A high-performance ski in an ultra-lightweight package, the DPS Wailer 112RPC Pure 3 Skis are intended for skiers with a knack for speed. “This ski is the s#it (read: best),” said one tester plainly, “[it] promotes confidence right off the bat.” As light as these skis are, don’t pass ’em off as flimsy. They’re powerful and torsionally rigid thanks in part to an aspen core and pre-preg carbon laminate. “Can defi nitely charge a steep face,” noted another. Powder, bumps, hardpack and crud, this ski does it all. It’s a winning package for DPS, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this season.

Dimensions: Tip: 142, Foot: 115, Tail: 127

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