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Northern Escape Heli launches Cat Skiing

Northern Escape Heli launches Cat Skiing

Northern Escape Heli launches Cat Skiing - Cst Skiing Terrace

(Ski News, 18 September 2015)

New Cat Skiing Program Launches This December!

Cat Skiing Terrace with Northern Escape.

Join us for the ultimate cat skiing and cat boarding experience at Northern Escape Cat Skiing Terrrace, BC. We have been offering Cat Skiing as a backup to our Heli Skiing program for many years and we are now pleased to offer it as a stand alone Cat Skiing package in December and early January before our heli skiing program begins.

In December, we have some 3 day packages still available. From December 10th-13th and the 27th-30th. This is when the snow is usually dumping on us and there is no better place to be than Cat-land! With steep tree skiing and some beautiful subalpine bowls, it has something for everyone! We also have a few seats in a 3 day package that runs over new years! Imagine being the first people of 2016 to enjoy the beauty of the BC backcountry from the comfort of our snowcats! There might even be a little party as well, you never know! Package starts on December 30th and runs to January 2nd. Contact us to book or for further details.

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