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Cody Townsend and Co new film trailer just out must see!!

Cody Townsend and Co new film trailer just out must see!!

(31 August, 2015) This might just be this seasons coolest films ”Conquering the Useless”: Cody Townsend that you might remember skied that impossible line the Crack in AK last season gathered together a possy of his best buddies Dave Treadway, Chris Rubensand wify Elyse Saugstad and seem to have really found a new angle to change up the format of ski films in this their own production.

”The project was just a big change for me. I just wanted something different, I guess,” says Townsend. “I think there are so many cool challenges in skiing and different ways of approaching [the sport]. I’ve been taking the same approach for ten years and wanted to step out of that comfort zone and get to a different place than I’m used to.”

Townsend says ” “There’s more of a story. [The film] is more about bringing people along on the adventure, it’s not just about skiing, not how big you can huck or how fast you can ski,” Townsend explains. “It’s about going to different places and exploring different parts of the world. So many mountains have yet to be skied, [so we said] ‘let’s go where no one has ever been before.’ It feels good when you’re in the middle of absolute nowhere and you’re climbing a line no one has been to before.”

Film is due for digital download in October.




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