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Hanging out in Haines Alaska

Hanging out in Haines Alaska

(31 May 2015)

Obviously everyone want to be hanging out in Haines Alaska ! …bears, free riders and heliski lovers. It’s simply one of the coolest wildest places.

Hanging out in Haines Alaska - with GO Heli & Cat Skiing



SEABA Heli-Skiing Quick Facts

LocationSEABA Heli-Skiing is located in Haines in the South East Alaska and is surrounded by mountains and water. There are several options to go to reach Haines. Either fly to Juneau, Alaska, and take an Alaska Seaplanes flight from Juneau to Haines, or fly to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, and rent a vehicle for a drive (4 hours) to Haines.

Ski Area: 3000 square kilometers.

Mountain range: Chilkat Mountains

Run Length: Up to 1800 vertical meters.

Ski Terrain: Varied terrain for all abilities, long sweeping intermediate runs that will satisfy the desires of the powder connoisseur, challenging summit descents for experts and some of the most extreme terrain in the world. The tree line in Haines, up to 1200 meters, is higher than any other Alaskan heli-skiing destination, so while others are sitting on their thumbs in the lodge wondering when the weather will clear, you’re ripping epic tree lines all day long.

Average snowfall:  11-15 meters per year

Number of Runs per Day: Depending on conditions we run up to 12 in a given day. With SEABA’s “hobbs” program you know exactly what you are paying for.

Grouping: Heli-skiing in small groups of 4, with 1 guide per group. Maximum 6 groups to a heli.



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