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Awesome lines

Awesome lines

(4 March 2015)

Awesome lines & Just pure riding! You don’t have to ride like this, but if you CAN if you want!
Our Heli skiing and Cat skiing lodges  in BC & Alaska have both the big lines and the deep snow. Check out our lodges here.

Awesome lines!

Adria Millan: Just Pure Riding – the video recap some of best footage of Adrià Millan filming for Bumpy Films during season 2013-2014.

Spanish skier Adria Millan Pila has been spending a couple solid summers putting in time, bootpacks, and laps at the infamous Las Leñas ski area in Argentina, where snow and wind can shut down the mountain down for days on end, but which can deliver dreamlike conditions when the green light goes. Judging by Adria’s edit, when it’s good… it’s REALLY good.
Awesome lines - GO Heli & Cat Skiing




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