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Revelstoke backcountry never cease to amaze

Revelstoke backcountry never cease to amaze


(06 November 2014)

Revelstoke backcountry never cease to amaze. The wildlife photographer Jim Lawrence snapped this picture a few days ago by the river outside Revelstoke. When Jim went to get a close-up camera lens from his car the bear scrambled up the bank from the river to where he had positioned his camera tripod. What happened next amazed Jim… the bear stood up on its hind legs and cautiously approached the camera. “For the longest time he studied the screen and buttons and with his big, long-nailed paw, and gently tugged on the strap,” he said.

Provincial British Columbia biologists estimate that there are up to 15,000 grizzly bears in the province – about a quarter of the North American population. But other scientists claim it is nearly impossible to properly count grizzly bears, and their population could be fewer than 6,000 in B.C.

However many thay are… we hope that by December that they are all firmely asleep 🙂


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