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Archive for March, 2019

Spring Heli Skiing 2019

Publicerad: 23 March, 2019 av Jaan Oldin |

Ski News 23 March, 2019

Spring heli skiing, maybe you are thinking that ski season is winding down but it is actually just starting in our two favorite heli skiing spots, Alaska & Iceland. And we have some open spots at unbeatable prices, so if you like to make this spring your once in a lifetime heli skiing spring don’t wait to contact now!

GO Heli & Cat Skiing official agent for SEABA Heli Haines Alaska and Arctic Heli Iceland.

More pictures and videos on the Seaba heli and Arctic heli pages

Troll peninsula – Iceland










Haines, Alaska

Haines Alaska11102965_957916597562246_859451090369239619_oHaines Alaska











Spring heli skiing in Alaska & Iceland

Publicerad: 2 March, 2019 av Jaan Oldin |

Ski News 2 March, 2019

While the ski season is winding down in many places, it is just started in two of our absolute favorite heliski spots, Alaska and Iceland. Both locations offer some of the most amazing skiing, powder and awe-inspiring scenery. Spring heli skiing in Alaska & Iceland with the longer days of spring makes for the absolute best days in the mountains. We still have some open spots at our lodges: SEABA Heliskiing in Haines, Alaska, and Arctic Heliskiing on Troll Peninsula,  Iceland, so you can end the season on a high!

Here’s just a few reasons to pick SEABA in Alaska or Arctic Heli on Iceland

SEABA Heliskiing in Haines, Alaska

  • BEST LOCATION TO HIT ALASKA POWDER!   Accessing a 60 km corridor from three strategically spaced heliports, each with distinct weather influences and terrain options, to make sure you have the best opportunity to crush powder.
  • FEW DOWN DAYS   The tree line in Haines, up to 1200 meters, is higher than any other Alaskan heli-skiing destination, so while others are sitting on their thumbs in the lodge wondering when the weather will clear, you’re ripping epic tree lines all day long.
  • EXTREME, AND FRIENDLY   For those that dare, you will find some of the most extreme terrain in the world with descents up to 2000 meters. For the sweet run connoisseur, the long sweeping intermediate runs will satisfy the desires. The high caliber guide staff that safely guides clients in some of the most technical, steep, and variable terrain in the world, but the majority of our terrain is filled with the perfect 35-45 degree slopes with high quality AK “Blower” powder.

Check out more here.

_z1_8079-dirkcollins_oneeyedbird2014_sm-copy_15355782659_oArctic Heliskiing in Troll Peninsula,  Iceland

  • ENDLESS TERRAIN AND AMAZING VIEWS   Breathtaking Arctic mountains with terrain that suits every skier’s ability from extreme couloirs to wide-open glaciers
  • STRAIGHT FROM THE VIKINGS   Klængshóll Lodge (our base of operations) in the mountains of the Troll Peninsula is an ancient sheep farm that has been inhabited continually from the time of the settlement of the Vikings in Iceland in circa 850AD. The last sheep farmers at Klængshóll were the grandparents of Arctic Heli Skiing’s founder Jökull Bergmann
  • UNIQUE ARCTIC SKIING EXPERIENCE   Located on the Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland. The fact that the Troll Peninsula is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean makes for incredible opportunities for skiing right down to the ocean. Throw in a mix of Northern lights, midnight sun, volcanic activity, hot springs, lava fields and a unique Viking culture and you will find that Iceland is a true adventure skiing destination

Check out more here.

End your season on a high with some of the best Heli-Skiing in the world.

Just contact us now to secure your seat.