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Archive for November, 2014

Finally the season is here, Revelstoke Mountain, BC, opens today!

Publicerad: 29 November, 2014 av Charlotta Lyon |

(29 November 2014)

Finally the season is here, Revelstoke Mountain, BC, opens today!

You lucky ones that are in the neighborhood….revelstoke_logo-s-543-0

With more than 280cm snowfall already, don’t miss the opportunity to shred some virgin powder lines as Revelstoke Mountain Resort opens up today, Saturday November 29!

The base is well over 1 meter and amazing conditions. A simply great start to the season!





Salomon freaks

Publicerad: 24 November, 2014 av Charlotta Lyon |

(24 November 2014)

Salomon freaks !

Every new ski season starts with the optimism that this will be the best season ever. When the snow doesn’t show up, skiers will go to ridiculous lengths to make it happen.

Check out as Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens and Mike Douglas enjoy a midseason dump after a slow start to winter.

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing… check out and grab the few remaining seats this season

Publicerad: 17 November, 2014 av Charlotta Lyon |


( 17 November 2014)

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing… check out and grab the few remaining seats this season. Northern Escape is nearly sold out, so don’t miss to check out and grab the last seats while the’re still available.

Contact us now to book!

Jan 9th to 16th – 3, 4 or 7 day Classic package
Join us for opening week and bring your snorkel! This is John’s favorite week because it’s always the deepest!

Jan 9th to 16th - 3, 4 or 7 day Elite package
Snag the winter opener and some of the deepest snow of the winter.

Jan 19th to 23rd – 4 days Elite Package
4 seats left here for you to get in on your own group and share the heli with just one other. Chef Paul is preparing a five star meal plan and Yvan say’s this is his favorite week “cause it’s deeper than the first week!”

Jan 23rd to 30th - 3, 4 or 7 day Classic package
Join the Norwegian Woman’s National Ski Organization for a week of hot tubbing and turns! OK, well, they might not be the woman’s national lineup, but they certainly are a group of fun loving Norwegians!

Feb 3rd to 8th – 5 days Classic package
This is a Classic package, but the groups will be limited to just 2 groups in the Koala. Just 2 seats left to get in on a Semi-Private for the price of a Classic.

Feb 3rd to 6th – 3 days Elite package
Grab a quick winter get away to satisfy your deep powder cravings! Just 3 seats left here.

Feb 8th to 13th – 5 days Classic package
Join a fun loving group that has been with us since our first year. This is again a 2 group Classic so get in on the Semi-Private action for the price of a Classic. 2 seats left to fill the group.

Feb 18th to 22nd – 4 days Classic package
Join our contest winner for 4 days of deep powder amongst the spectacular Skeena range. 2 seats left.

Feb 22nd to 27th – 5 days Classic package
Just 1 seat left in this prime week. This is a rare seat available at this time of year.

March 2nd to 6th – 4 days Classic package
Another rare opening made possible as a group upgraded to a Private week. That means this will be another 2 group Classic package so get in on it now and enjoy the Semi-Private experience

March 11th to 15th – 4 days Classic package
The Long-range Weather Forecast says this will be the best week of the winter… The Farmer’s Almanac says big snow… what’s your prediction? Join us and see your dreams come true!

March 20th to 27th – 3, 4 or 7 days Classic packages
Long sunny days and deep powder on the north side… That’s what this week historically offers. Join us for the last weeks of winter before spring arrives.

Contact us now to book!

No turning back… what’s next

Publicerad: 15 November, 2014 av Charlotta Lyon |

(15 November 2014)

No turning back… what’s next

Check out this new Warren Miller trailer! Amazing coupling of new-school development with trademark vintage footage. The progression of the sport, from spread eagles in the 1970s to the extreme ski flying of today.
After watching… you can’t help but wonder, “What’s next?”

Our first afterski of the season, joint event with Peak Performance

Publicerad: 12 November, 2014 av Charlotta Lyon |

(12 November 2014)

Our first afterski of the season

Join GO Heli & Cat Skiing and Peak Performance, at Emporia Shopping Mall in Malmo, Sweden!

PPlogo2Finally the season is getting close! We kick off with the first afterski… a joint event at their store location at Emporia shopping mall in Malmo, Sweden.

Join us on Saturday, 29 November, from 3-7pm, and hang out!
Peak Performance will show the new skicollection. We will make sure you get inspired and get all your questions about heli-skiing and cat-skiing in Canada and Alaska answered… and you can even take the opportunity to book the most amazing heli-skiing or cat-skiing experience. We’ll also show movies from our great heli-ski operators, and from Peak Performance. We look forward to see you and hang out.

Warm welcome!

Jaan & Charlotta, the GO Heli & Cat Skiing team, and
Fredrik & Fanny & Sebastian, the Peak Performance team

Almost Ablaze from TGR – seriously cool ski porn

Publicerad: 10 November, 2014 av Jaan Oldin |

(10 November 2014)

Almost Ablaze  from TGR – seriously cool ski porn

This will get your Monday go a little faster check out the trailer from epic ski flick Almost Ablaze from Teton Gravety Research, by far the most talked about ski flick this season.

Special Price accomodation in Revelstoke for all customers

Publicerad: 8 November, 2014 av Charlotta Lyon |

(08 November 2014)

Special Price accomodation for all GO Heli & Cat Skiing customers

Powder Springs Inn, in Revelstoke, BC – the skiers first choice

Now we can offer all customers a special deal! We’ve partnered up with Powder Springs Inn, the premier skiers hotel in Revelstoke.

All our customers get a substantial discount when booking through GO Heli & Cat Skiing. Better prices than the hotel discount sites guaranteed.

Just contact us to learn more



Revelstoke backcountry never cease to amaze

Publicerad: 6 November, 2014 av Jaan Oldin |


(06 November 2014)

Revelstoke backcountry never cease to amaze. The wildlife photographer Jim Lawrence snapped this picture a few days ago by the river outside Revelstoke. When Jim went to get a close-up camera lens from his car the bear scrambled up the bank from the river to where he had positioned his camera tripod. What happened next amazed Jim… the bear stood up on its hind legs and cautiously approached the camera. “For the longest time he studied the screen and buttons and with his big, long-nailed paw, and gently tugged on the strap,” he said.

Provincial British Columbia biologists estimate that there are up to 15,000 grizzly bears in the province – about a quarter of the North American population. But other scientists claim it is nearly impossible to properly count grizzly bears, and their population could be fewer than 6,000 in B.C.

However many thay are… we hope that by December that they are all firmely asleep :)



Publicerad: 2 November, 2014 av Charlotta Lyon |

(02 November 2014)


Have you ever had ski boots that were so uncomfortable that you’re sure the only solution is amputation? Before things get that drastic, you should consider seeing a professional… professional boot fitter that is. When it comes to finding the right boot for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is important to realize that not only should your ski boots not cause you any pain, but also that the fit can drastically affect your skiing ability. Too many times we encounter skiers that are struggling needlessly to overcome poorly fitting boots. Too large a boot can cause a skier to have limited control over their skis, and can result in toe bang as the foot moves around in the boot, too small a boot can cause cramping and lack of circulation; one of the leading causes of cold feet. In order to help avoid cutting your days short due to pain caused by ill fitting ski boots, we’ve caught up with 22 year veteran boot fitter, Glen Delboscoe, from Excess Backcountry in Whistler, who shed insight into boot fitting and shared a story of an extreme reaction to sore feet.


“What is the advantage of having a boot fit professionally?”

“An experienced boot fitter knows how each brand fits in general. They will be able to eliminate many options that wont work for the shape of your foot, without having to subject you to trying on an endless amount of boots.”

“Alright so what does one need to do to prepare for a boot fitting?”

“Most shops have a boot fitter on staff and unless its super busy they should be able to fit you in without making a prior appointment. Keep in mind that the process will take at least an hour. Wear the socks that you are going to be skiing in and make sure that you are able to roll up your pant legs to above your calves, this means no skinny jeans!”

“Ok, so how does it start?”

“The first thing the boot fitter will do is ask you to stand normally in your stocking feet.  At this point they are assessing the shape of your foot and mentally ruling out boots that wont fit your feet. Once they have decided on a selection of boots that are good options, they will gather them for you to try on. First, they will remove the liners from the boots and do what is called a ‘shell fit’. They will have you stand in the shell, without the liner, with your toes just touching the front. With your knees bent the boot fitter will put their hand down the back of the boot and assess the space between your heel and the shell. A general rule of thumb is that 1.5 to 2 finger widths will result in a good shell fit.”

“So, the boot fitter has narrowed it down to shells that will fit, the next step is to try the boot on, right?”

“Yes, the next step is to put on the liner and shell together. When standing up straight with the boots done up, you should be able to feel your toe touching the front of the liner. As the boot is flexed forward the pressure should be relieved from the toe area but you still may be able to make out the liner. If you try to lift your heel, you will be able to, but your heel should feel stable in the boot otherwise. A boot fit should feel like a firm handshake – a nice wrap around your foot.”

“How do you know which boots are the ones?”

“Once you have narrowed it down to one or two well fitting boots, the boot fitter will get you to walk around the shop for about 10 minutes, flexing the boots and moving your feet around as much as possible. While you flex the boot, the boot fitter is watching to see whether the stiffness is right for you – if it is too soft you can distort the shell, if it is too stiff you wont be able to flex it at all, which doesn’t allow you to ski properly. During this time your feet will heat the liner and begin to shape it to your feet. Your feet might go numb or get some tingling sensations – that’s perfectly normal. After 10 minutes the boot fitter will have you take the boots off and let your feet recover for a few minutes before putting them back on.”

“And putting the boots back on is key?”

“Yes, it is amazing how differently the boot fits the second time. This fit is much more similar to how the boot will fit after skiing a few times. Even if the boot doesn’t seem to fit at all the first time, many people are shocked at the different feel when the boots are put back on.”

“What if the fit needs further adjustment?”

“There are a couple of changes that can be done to make your boot fit a little more comfortably. Many liners these days come with heat moldable options, starting with a simple thermo fit to accelerate the break-in period, all the way to full custom heat moldable liners. Some people add different foot beds, foam or even have the shell punched to a slightly different shape. Before doing anything too drastic though it is recommended that you ski a few days in the boots to get used to them.”

“Is it true you actually had a customer who amputated a toe?”

“Yes, he was a podiatrist and he had, according to him, notoriously bad feet and had gone so far as to misdiagnose his own foot problem resulting in an amputated toe.”

So there you have it – professional boot fitting; a much simpler and less painful way than amputation to get well fitting ski boots. Hopefully this season, we won’t see anyone having to return to the lodge early to rest their sore feet.

The above article is from our partner Northern Escape.